Alkame Technology Begins Aquaculture Testing in Colorado

Alkame Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:ALKM), a publicly traded health and wellness technology holding company with a focus on patentable, innovative, and eco-friendly products announced that High Country Shrimp LLC, the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary, has secured a location and begun testing for the company’s ‘proof of concept,’ utilizing the patented Alkame technology for use within the aquaculture industry.

Testing is underway and in full swing now in Wellington Colorado, an ideal location for Alkame and High Country to develop a “proof-of-concept” application for the technology, with its unique patented water treatment system incorporated into an intensive indoor aquaculture farming process. With the Alkame Water micro-clustered structure, increased oxygenation, and proper pH levels, Alkame testing is expected to provide successful concrete and verifiable information that the technology provides significant benefits, which can be implemented across the aquaculture industry as a whole for all freshwater species.



Overseeing the testing process is 40 year aquaculture veteran, Jim Keeton, who stated, “In order to achieve optimal growth, maintenance and harvest conditions, microbiological support will be a critical component of the studies success. Alkame’s technology is being tested to access changes or improvement in water quality, effect on bio floc, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate reduction through consistent observation, maintenance, and investigation. This will allow us to develop proprietary growing procedures, different and more valuable, through use of this unique technology than the industry standards, essentially putting Alkame ahead of the competition on many fronts.”

“This would be a major coupe within the industry, both from a strategic and an economic stand point,” stated Alkame Holdings CEO, Robert Eakle. He added, “Staying true to our word, we’ve been aggressively exploring the other uses for our water treatment technology. This will enable us to both diversify our portfolio of products, as well as begin implementation of our unique system into many different new and exciting applications. We plan to show this ‘proof of concept’ to the aquaculture world very shortly. It’s just a tremendous opportunity to enter this particular industry with real data on the use of our patented technology for intensive aquaculture farming,” Eakle continues.

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