Sino Agro: Second phase of shrimp ‘megafarm’ expected to cost $240m

The second phase construction of Sino Agro Food’s massive indoor shrimp farm is expected to cost $240 million.

Sino Agro has received an offer from its construction subcontractor, one of the largest in China, on new terms to build the second phase of the shrimp “megafarm” in the city of Zhongshan.

The estimated cost of $240m would involve the construction of the “megafarm” over a period of three and a half years, Sino Agro said.

According to the company, “the local government is subsidizing the project by absorbing the majority of finance costs, and by helping to offset some of the upfront financing needed to complete the project”.

China’s Sino Agro initiated stocking of its shrimp “megafarm” in the city of Zhongshan back in February.

On Feb. 23, the group supplied the first two A power module tanks, which carry a capacity of 1.2m giant freshwater shrimp.

The remaining 36 PL nursery tanks at the farm — said to be the largest of its kind in the world — would be stocked progressively, pending the results of the model initial trial and upon fine tuning functional performance of associated support facilities, such as filters and heat exchangers.

These nursery tanks begin cycles of four staged grow out tanks, each spanning approximately 14 weeks. In total, these cycles produce an estimated designed capacity of 6,000 metric tons of shrimp per year, comprising the first stage of the megafarm’s first phase.

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