Bob Rosenberry of Shrimp News retires

Bob Rosenberry, who has been writing about aquaculture and shrimp farming for 40 years, said in an email that he has retired.

“I’ve had a great run writing about aquaculture and shrimp farming…and have now decided that its time for me to retire.  Effective immediately, Shrimp News International is no longer an active entity,” he said. on Thursday.

Rosenberry said that he will retain the name, mailing list, email address, web address and the rights to the 13,000 news items and articles that he has written.

Rosenberry said that he will continue to follow the industry, however, and will be posting information on “The Shrimp List”.

For those interested in the list, the easiest way to sign up is by sending an empty email to

“I wish all of you the very best of luck with your consulting, products, processing, marketing, hatcheries, farms, lives—and balance sheets!” Rosenberry said.

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