Indonesian Fishery Products Export Opportunities to Achieve US $ 5 Billion

INDONESIA- Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Susi Pudjiastuti, aiming fishery exports this year could reach $ 4-5 billion , particularly fish caught. This is in line duty exemption of Indonesian fishery products to the United States (US).  At least, Susi suggests, the export value of fish caught this year could be the same as the total exports (fish catch and fish cultivation) fishery products in 2014 worth US $ 4.6 billion. “Hopefully fishery exports this year (2015) reached US $ 4-5 billion for catching fish,” said Susi after Eid al fitri gathering  held at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF), Friday (31/7).  She also believes, with the exemption from import duty can invite foreign investors to invest in the field of fisheries in Indonesia.

She also hopes for the future, Europe immediately imposed a duty-free policy as enacted United States (US). “I look at overseas trends seafood with strict traceability already begun and with tracking down illegal fishing, only legal products from Indonesia can be exported ,” she said.

Special scheme of GSP

Earlier, Director General of Processing and Marketing of Fishery (P2HP) KKP, Saut P Hutagalung expressed, the reduction of import duties Indonesian fishery products to the US with a scheme of generalized system of preference (GSP). GSP is a special scheme of developed countries that offer preferential treatment in one direction, such as low or zero tariffs on imports of products coming from developing countries. In this regard, Indonesia including the get GSP facility. GSP scheme with effect from July 29, 2015 until December 31, 2017.
” It will be an excellent opportunity for exporters Indonesian fisheries. Through the scheme, a number of Indonesian fishery products exempted from the tariffs, such as frozen crab, sardines, frog meat, canned fish, processed lobster and crab “he said.

He explained that the US is the major export destination markets for Indonesian fishery products. Over the past four years, the value of Indonesian fishery products exported to the US continue to rise. In 2011 the export of Indonesian fishery products to the US reached US $ 1.07 billion by 2014 to reach US $ 1.84 billion. Indonesia’s main export commodities include shrimp, crab, tuna, tilapia, squid, fish, seaweed, clams, and lobster. The growth of Indonesian fishery products exported to the United States increased by an average of 21.14 percent since 2011.

Chairman of the Association of Fisheries Product Processing and Marketing Indonesia, Thomas Darmawan said, the facility becomes an opportunity for exporters to increase their exports to the US. Moreover, the US is the largest export destination of Indonesia. However, He considers Indonesia is only able to increase exports to the US if productivity is also increasing.
“It’s a good opportunity for Indonesia to increase exports. However, it would be difficult to applied because of the current industrial productivity is also low. Catching marine products is difficult since there are a number of KKP policies that limit catching marine products, such as the moratorium former foreign fishing vessels, “said Thomas.

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